So it has begun

hd-pics-photos-3d-skull-guitar-music-hd-quality-desktop-background-wallpaperI wanted to start this because I have watched the love of my life struggle to make his dreams come true. I have tried to think of ways to have people see through my eyes this amazing talented man. I suppose this is one way. I know you might be thinking, “Sure, of course she thinks that he is talented. This is her other half.” To each their own, if that is your way of thinking then so be it. I wont lose sleep over negative comments.

This blog I want to dedicate not only to the love of my life but to those out there who have a dream. If you want to reach for the stars, do so. Life is short, I hope this blog will help you in those times where you want to give up.

In my welcome note I said this was going to be a truthful heartfelt blog. There will be profanity, there will be things I say people will not agree with and will get upset over. I could give a rats ass, you don’t like the blog, don’t read it!!

I will also say to those who are interested, thank you. Stick around for some sad, some funny, some crazy story’s and mostly the life of the man I call Lance.